abloom absorbing alluring angelophanic apollonian arousing ascendant aureate bedazzling bewitching blinding blistering bootylicious canonical canorous captivating chong comely concussive consummate convivial crackerjack creamy cultured cushty cynosure dashing decorous delumptious deluxe demulcent droolworthy earthshaking eclipsing edifying effervescent elating elegant elite emollient empyreal enchanting endorphining enlightened enrapturing enravishing ensorcelling enthralling entrancing enviable epochal eudaemonic evanescent exalting exemplary fetching flawless flesh-rippling frolicsome fructuous gallactic gallant genius gifted ginchy glorious grand gravy hypnotic iconic illustrious immortal immutable impeccable incandescent incantatory incomparable indispensible indomitable inebriating ineffable inerrant inestimable ingenious insightful inspired inspiriting insuperable intoxicating invigorating iridescent jubilant jubilating kneebuckling knightly knockout laudable lavishlimbed legendary levitates lofty lollapalooza luminary luminous lustrous luxuriant magical magisterial magnanimous majestic marmoreal mellifluous meritorious mesmeric messianic mirthful nacreous nifty nirvanic numinous optimum orgasmic ovational palmary panacean pantherine paradigmatic peerless phat phenomenal pieridine platinum pleoperfect poised polyphiloprogenitive portentous preeminent pretersensual princely prodigious propitious providential radiant rapacious rapteriferous rapturous raveworthy ravishing refulgent resounding resplendent reverberant revivifying reviviscent ripsniptious roborant romping roritorious rousing sagacious sapient sapphirine seamless sensational seraphic serene significant silky sinewed splendidious splendiferous splendorous spumescent sterling stoating stradivarian stupefying stupendous summital superbissimo superior supernal swashbuckling tantalizing textbook thoroughbred thundering topnotch totemic trailblazing transcendent transfinite transfixing transformative trig tweetworthy unerring vanguard venerable vertiginous virtuosic visionary vivifying wizzy

Emancipate your verbal lexicon from monotonous and hackneyed superlatives with this preeminent compendium of atypical utterances.

Kudos to this luminary treatise.